Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Definitely Diverse

If you've got a spare moment, check out Diverse and Contradictory. I know the owner, and while he started out a bit slowly the site is rolling along nicely now.

His stated purpose is building a movement of individualists, which strikes me as guaranteed lifetime employment if he can ever get it to pay. But his Credo is worth reading, and he's got some interesting takes on subjects like lobbying and immigration reform and privacy.




Blogger Matt Parker said...

Hey Thanks.

I guess that lobbiest I hired is paying off.

Seriously - I appreciate the support, and while lifetime employment is an interesting concept, uniting individualists is more like herding cats.

But we're having fun. There is quite a diverse group of people reading and participating - with very contradictory viewpoints - so I guess we're living up to the name.

Thanks again for the support!



4/13/2006 5:55 AM  

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