Tuesday, May 23, 2006

CIA officials to testify against Libby

Looks like Fitzgerald might have a case after all:

Two top CIA officials will bolster prosecutors' charge that Vice President Cheney's chief aide lied to them, court papers show.

Prosecutors say disgraced Cheney chief of staff Lewis (Scooter) Libby learned CIA spy Valerie Plame's identity from, among others, agency officials who will be called to testify at his trial for perjury, false statements and obstruction of justice....

Libby has said journalists told him about Plame - not Cheney or the six witnesses named so far by prosecutors.

Other than prematurely describing Libby as "disgraced", the article seems solidly sourced. The CIA men told Libby about Plame in response to direct inquiries from him -- so it'll be hard to use the "I can't remember" defense.

Apparently he's not going to be joined any time soon by Karl Rove, as the Truthout report to that effect remains unconfirmed by anyone else.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anything, this seems to help Libby's case more than Fitzgerald's, IMHO. Here we've got 2 CIA officials telling Libby as early as June 11th....just after the very first Kristof anonymous story about Niger....that Wilson's wife sent him on the trip and saying only that she was an "agent"...nothing about being "covert." Nothing about it being Classified.

According to Novak, someone from the CIA also confirmed what he had heard about Wilson and Plame. So.....if she was so all-fired TOP SECRET, why was so many at the CIA talking so freely about her? That kinda says to me that it was NEVER any big deal to be discussing her in the first place. I've got news for Fitzgerald: IF Valerie Plame wasn't covert, then no one broke any law to start with. And Cheney, Libby, Bush, Novak or whoever had every right to be discussing her. In fact, they had a responsibility to straighten out the lies that Wilson and his CIA wife had been telling reporters.

5/23/2006 8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been hooked onto this issue right from the day when it came out in the press. Patrick Fitzgerald with his no-nonsense investigation has given an inside view of the workings of the administration. I wouldnt be surprised if the VP personally directed the campaign to discredit Joe Wilson. I will also not be surprised if it turns out that the VP got the personal blessings of the P to go about throwing dirt at Joe Wilson.
and then we can see the approval rating of the P as a person, whether they would still think that he is a guy with whom you can have a beer.

5/25/2006 3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But you had no problem with Joseph Wilson and his CIA wife who leaked to a reporter AND lied about it and claiming that the VP's office sent him? But God forbid, the VP should "throw dirt" back at them by saying his wife sent him on the trip....(oooh, that's so bad; hurts like heck saying such a horrible thing!) Plus, it's true: she did recommend him for the trip. She even wrote a letter promoting him. It's all in the Joint Senate Committee Hearings on Iraq Pre-War Intelligence where the Wilson's were roundly discredited. Those two should be in jail!

5/25/2006 6:10 PM  

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