Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Brokeback Mounties

Sorry, couldn't resist the play on words.

A couple of gay Canadian Royal Mounted Policemen are getting married, a first for the storied force.

When the two constables become the first male Mounties to marry each other, the grumpiest witness-from-afar might well be Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The planned union of Jason Tree and David Connors in Nova Scotia on June 30 has cast a spotlight on Harper's pledge to his conservative backers to try to roll back same-sex marriage laws.

Harper's misgivings aside, this is just one more example of the inevitable tide of equal rights for homosexuals. Canada has same-sex marriage and it hasn't wrecked the country; Massachusetts has same-sex marriage and the state is doing just fine, thank you.

I respect people who truly, thoughtfully think homosexuality is a sin. But that's a personal value, like deciding to be a vegetarian or a pacifist. Religious belief is not sufficient basis for denying basic rights and privileges, just like it would be wrong for vegetarians to use the law to compel the rest of us to be vegetarians, too.

Good luck to the two Mounties, and may the day quickly come when no one feels that someone else's marriage is any of their business.

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