Friday, June 02, 2006

Coulter hires lawyer for vote-fraud case

After ignoring a letter from authorities asking her to explain why she voted in the wrong precinct earlier this year, Ann Coulter has hired a high-powered lawyer to handle the case.

The attorney from the Miami-based Kenny Nachwalter firm is no stranger to Palm Beach voting. Marcos Jimenez — who was, along with the more famous Olson, one of the lead attorneys who fought for George W. Bush's side in the 2000 presidential election snafu here — was assigned to Coulter....

"Mr. Jimenez asked us to send him all the correspondence we sent Ms. Coulter," deputy dlections chief Charmaine Kelly said.

Now that Coulter has lawyered up, there will be another delay in the ongoing saga.

Elections Supervisor Arthur Anderson gave Coulter until April 30 to explain what happened, but she has yet to answer his registered letters. Now with Jimenez, Kelly said, officials will wait "a few more weeks" before starting a procedure that could strip Coulter of her right to vote here and refer the case to State Attorney Barry Krischer for possible prosecution.

So to recap: After voting in the wrong precinct Coulter ignores queries from Palm Beach authorities until they threaten to sanction her, and then hires a lawyer to handle things.

The fun continues.

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