Monday, June 12, 2006

Media finally picks up Coulter story

And Ann Coulter finally responds to the charges -- on Hannity and Colmes.

COLMES: You're talking about godless liberals not having values, not being values people. In light of that you've been in the news a little bit lately, accused by election supervisor Arthur Anderson in Palm Beach of voting in the wrong district and not answering a registered letter that they sent to you. And they say that you might have committed a felony. So could you address those charges and tell us what happened?

COULTER: I think the syphilis has gone to their brains.

COLMES: Is that what it is?


COLMES: Did you knowingly vote in the wrong district?

COULTER: No..... No. I live in New York. And I'm not going to tell you anymore about where I live, Alan. ....

COLMES: You didn't knowingly walk into the wrong district?

COULTER: Correct.

COLMES: And did you -- is there a reason you didn't respond to the authorities when they sent you a registered letter?

COULTER: This is all false, I'm telling you. You've got -- I mean, the "Treason Times" may hate America, but they're at least accurate. When you go to the bush-league newspapers, you get all the venom of the New York Times, but they're all retarded.

Perhaps we can add "paranoid schizophrenic" to Ann's curriculae vitae. She certainly seems detached from reality, considering the documentation supporting the allegations against her: Palm Beach property records, voter-registration forms and voting records.

Meanwhile, the Palm Beach Post has editorialized on the topic, and a crime blogger has weighed in on the evidence -- and found it pretty solid. Beyond voter fraud in Palm Beach, Coulter may also be guilty of falsely claiming a homestead exemption, and of voting in two places at once -- the second location being New Canaan, Conn.

Perhaps Coulter will become known as the Leona "taxes are for little people" Helmsley of politics. One can only dream.

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Blogger JP said...

Is she officially insane?

6/12/2006 10:45 PM  
Blogger Sean Aqui said...

Well, it can be hard to tell how much is her and how much is a pose. She's seriously worried about stalkers and the like, which is a rational worry but can be taken to paranoid extremes.

I think the cartoon sums it up the best.

6/13/2006 11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

St. Ann of Coulter (bane of the bolshies) takes hits because of her popularity and phenomenal success at "branding," creating that larger-than-life Hun Momma mystique which we red-meat conservatives just grin at. It's the RINOs and the Demo-gogues in particular who begin twitching uncontrollably whenever her sainted name is said.

Annie's tremendously quick-witted, fully comparable to avowed socialist Christopher Hitchens in her articulation of immensely complicated issues. She's editorially far more factually accurate than the bombast-counters care to admit. The few major factual gaffes she's made were in fact based on evidence then in general circulation. In other words, those times she wsas excused due to widespread wrongful information.

What angers leftists most is, they can't nail her on anything maliciously and deliberately crafted to inflict a lie---until now. This voter registration thing is, flatly, something that lawyers usually resolve over a coffee break. Here they won't --- she's rich, her detractors are determined, and there's just enough meat to the charges, enticing the shysters to string this out and hope the lawyer's name gets mentioned (free publicity) in Annie's column or somewhere else.

We have a leftist press coldly comparing Coulter to Limbaugh --- voting to Oxycontin. They aren't howling it around, much, but the mood's there, hunkered down in the corner with angry red eyes and tongue wagging, ready to rip out Anne's heart like the lying media jackals did to the other conservative menace, that other big-name conservative who steals away souls from their liberal dream.

The New York Times is fair game here. But the rest of the media, from UPI to AP to Reuters to CNN to anyone else in that pantheon, Ann Coulter steals luiberal souls. She is Vampierella. And this time the libs have her in a halfway juicy case, hoping to stretch it into a "Fitzmas thang," maybe have Valerie Plame write the foreword to the book deal we all know will be offered to the halfwit would-be Geraldo who "uncovers Coulter's sordid shame."

You want a bottom line in this? As long as what she did or did not do about registrations plays no bearing on the superb content of her work, then I don't care. Slap the whole law library at her, if you prove it was illegal. I have no problem with that. She'll never do a day in jail, and every last one of us knows it.

The Leona Helmsley comparison is valid, but also is comparing Coulter's case to the same weird coincidence which helped put John Thune into office, and kicked Tommy Daschle out. Daschle essentially did the same sort of thing, and lost his Senate position. The modern difference is, Coulter's not elected except by number of readers supporting her at the local-outlet level. Editors hear a lot of support for her. She keeps people reading. She generates buzz.

Ann Counter won't go to jail, and neither did Daschle. Voters sent Daschle home for that (and other issues). If this is Coulter's only "hit," she'll go nowhere at all, except keep doing as she's doing.

Hey, let's get real here. G. Gordon Liddy did time, folks. Look what the media's done for him!

Yay, Annie. Pay the bailiff on the way out of Misdemeanor Court --- and hand us another column like the one you did about converting Muslims.


6/17/2006 11:36 AM  

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