Friday, October 13, 2006

Air America files for bankruptcy

Financial, not moral.

Think Progress reported it a month ago, but nothing came of it. But they clearly were on to something. Air America said it only recently decided to file after negotiations with a key financial backer fell through, but it's been obvious they were having money troubles for a long time.

They're going to stay on the air during reorganization.

I like fellow Minnesotan Al Franken, so I listened to a couple of his shows when they first went on the air. But although I'm a political junkie, I found I had no appetite or time for partisan radio, liberal or conservative.

So my question in all this is: Does anyone here actually care? Will this have an effect on the political landscape? And does it say anything substantive about liberal talk radio, or talk radio in general?

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Anonymous Marc Schneider said...

What I think it says is that it makes no sense for liberals to copy conservatives. Just because talk radio worked for conservatives--who, rightly or wrongly, felt they had no other outlets for their views--doesn't mean that it will work for liberals. Plus, I have always believed that the influence of talk radio is overrated--Rush Limbaugh appeals to people that already agree with him. Same with Al Franken--and there are a lot fewer liberals than conservatives in the country. It would be interesting to see how a network devoted to more moderate views and discussion would work--I think a lot of people would like that.

10/16/2006 1:58 PM  

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