Monday, March 26, 2007

Why logic classes should be required

When it comes to Alberto Gonzales, President Bush has thus far refused to cashier him. Some defenders of that decision have made the argument that giving Gonzales to Bush's critics would simply embolden them, so they must be resisted -- ignoring the fact that Gonzales is doing more damage to Bush's cause by remaining than could ever be caused by his resignation, a point made by Captain Ed in a link in the post below this one.

Now David Schraub sees a similar logic applied to Gitmo. The summary: While the president thinks Gitmo is hampering our broader war effort and ought to be shut down, he is reluctant to do so because that would mean moving the prisoners stateside where they would enjoy greater legal rights. So apparently we'll just have to keep hampering our own war effort.

Now one can be charitable and say the president means that shutting Gitmo would hamper our war effort even more -- except that's not what he said, and it makes little sense in context. Gitmo, on balance, is either helping or hurting our cause. If it's helping, then he should support it. If it's hurting, then it should be shut down. He said it's hurting. So that leaves one of two choices:

1. He's simply concerned about PR rather than the underlying issues, in which case what he's really saying is "I'm getting hammered for Gitmo, and I'd love to shut it down as soon as I can recreate it somewhere else."

2. He's willing to "hamper our war effort", if necessary, to avoid giving the Gitmo prisoners any real legal rights. Which, if true, demands the question Schraub asks: "Why?"

Personally, I think it's #1 more than #2. He's not truly apologetic for Gitmo; I don't think he respects the civil liberties questions involved, or how damaging such an operation can be in a conflict where global perceptions are a major part of the battleground, and where we claim to represent the forces of freedom, law and goodness.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said it was when he COMPLETED his presentation. So, what's the problem? I'll tell ya----the Dem leadership is risking taking all this investigation and calls for people to step down stuff too far. It's downright laughable from the party who politics for votes inside churches and anywhere else they see fit to.


3/26/2007 7:33 PM  

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