Thursday, May 10, 2007

The distaff side of misogyny

Coyote Angry has a wonderfully funny and barbed post on how sexism really hasn't worked out that well for men. My favorite part:

Another lightbulb moment was seeing a middle eastern woman on television gloating about her wonderful, dearly departed martyr husband and how "Sheik Osama" had sent her a big, fat wad of cash. Beautiful strategy....encourage the men to blow themselves up and you get the payoff AND the love and respect of your community, you're set for life and no annoying male to spoil it for you. The men apparently have not figured this one out yet. Hey martyr're being played.

Few people do rants as well as she does. Give it a read.




Blogger Not Your Mama said...

Hey thanks! I was serious too...I watched that and it was like, sistah I so have your number.

Conniving beasties we are.

5/11/2007 1:38 AM  

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