Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fun with interns

Today I got an e-mail from Kristen, an intern at MSNBC. Based solely on the fact that I have posted about Ann Coulter in the past, she wanted to alert me to upcoming appearances by the banshee on her network.

I realize that semi-personalized spam is what PR interns are for, so I do not blame Kristen for the failings of her employer. However, I felt I needed to respond rather than simply ignore the message. Perhaps a young mind could be reached while it was not yet too late.

Here's what I wrote.


Thanks for the note. Unfortunately, I consider Ann Coulter a vile slug of a human being, and I fail to understand why your network persists in giving national exposure to such a vituperative and shallow worm. So I won't be helping you publicize your latest bit of pandering.

If you were to announce that Coulter would no longer be appearing on your shows.... now *that* I would help publicize. Keep me in mind if your employer ever reaches that level of intellectual credibility.


I somehow doubt the message will find its way to her higher-ups.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why didn't you ask her why Chris Matthews and MSNBC set Anne Coulter up recently during an interview....by letting Elizabeth Edwards call in and "ask" Anne to stop writing and saying nasty things about them....and to stop talking about their dead son. EVEN though, nobody uses their dead son quite like the Edwards themselves. Not to mention they even make money off of Anne Coulter'a free speech that they'd like her to stop. Wonder if Elizabeth Edwards has called up Bill Mahrer and others who are quite nasty to Republicans. Seeing as how she's so interested in raising the level of political talk, that is.

Or maybe you could ask her if during tonight's Matthews segment with John Edwards---if they will reciprocate and allow Anne Coulter to call in and put Edwards on the spot?

Anne Coulter is pretty raw sometimes, but she's pretty right-on in her commentary most of them time as well.

At least Coulter will appear on MSNBC with Chris Matthews and take a question from Edwards' wife. Chicken John Edwards won't even appear on Fox.


6/27/2007 5:16 PM  
Blogger Sean Aqui said...

Why didn't you ask her why Chris Matthews and MSNBC set Anne Coulter up recently during an interview....

Because #1, I didn't know that's what they were going to do. #2, I didn't care. #3, I didn't watch. #4, Coulter deserves it. If she can't handle being confronted with her own rhetoric, perhaps she should abandon her schtick.

I notice that you seem to be buying the whole premise that they want to "shut Ann up", when all they did was ask her to knock off the personal attacks. If Coulter can't make her point without insults, perhaps that's a sign that she doesn't really have a substantive point.

6/28/2007 3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No....all they wanted to do was to make some money. That's the only reason Elizabeth Edwards called in and "asked" Anne to stop the personal attacks. If the Dems were truly interested in stopping personal attacks, they'd talk to Bill Mahrer, Michael Moore, and other Democrat pundits. But they don't....which tells me they aren't so interested in that. YOU hate Anne Coulter. Well, I hate Michael Moore and Bill Mahrer. So, I guess that makes us even. Difference is.....I'm not asking that Bill Mahrer and Michael Moore cease with their freedom of speech.


6/29/2007 2:47 AM  

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