Friday, August 03, 2007

Coulter update

We have news in the on-again, off-again Ann Coulter voting-fraud scandal.

When last we left our intrepid she-male, an FBI agent (rumored to be her ex-boyfriend) had made an unsolicited phone call to sheriff's office investigators claiming Coulter was a stalking victim -- a claim that dissolved under minor scrutiny. Whether related or not, the investigator subsequently closed the investigation after interviewing one person -- the poll worker who originally reported Coulter's misplaced vote.

Case closed, right? Not quite.

While most expected the conservative pundit to be off the hook for good when the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office punted a voting fraud probe in April, the Florida Elections Commission now is investigating....

Sadly, there could be far less here than meets the eye. The FEC investigation was prompted by a complaint -- a complaint filed by Democratic campaign consultant Richard Giorgio. So the mere fact that the FEC is investigating doesn't say much about the evidence against Coulter.

The only penalty the FEC can impose is a $2,000 fine. But fear not! They also can refer the case to various state legal offices for criminal prosecution.

Remember the Coulter Credo: "Hope for the jail term."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares?

8/03/2007 4:00 PM  
Blogger Sean Aqui said...

Me. And you, apparently....

8/03/2007 4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not me. I didn't even read the entire thing. I scanned it. With all the really important stuff going on now, the fact that some Democrat official in Florida is wasting their time on Anne Coulter is of no concern to me.


8/03/2007 5:59 PM  
Blogger PatHMV said...

Coulter may well be in the wrong for not giving the proper address, and I have no idea whether she's telling the truth about fear of stalking, but in general, this is a very legitimate concern.

I've known more women than you would think who have been seriously stalked by very creepy, scary people. The states should establish simple procedures so that people can exercise basic rights, like registering to vote, without being required to make their full name and address public record, available to everybody, creep, stalker, ex, you name it. It sounds Lifetime-movieish, but there really are psycho men and women out there, with resources, who use voting records and all sorts of publicly available data to track down their victims.

8/03/2007 6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's Ann Coulter's case, she is vehemently hated by the whacko's on the far left. Like any other well-known, public person, she has to be more careful than most. I have no doubt that many public figures and stars use the addresses of staff or others in an effort to further protect themselves and their families.

It's almost laughable that anybody could think she was thinking her ONE vote was going to change the outcome of any election there.


8/03/2007 8:15 PM  
Blogger Sean Aqui said...

Pat: To be clear, I do not in any way think this is a serious case. I just think Coulter is a slug and so am enjoying the potential discomfiture here.

JP5: See above. And as discussed before, a generalized fear of stalking does not make it legal to lie on a voter registration form. There are other remedies for that. Nor does it matter that she was only one vote. The motivation for voter fraud may be an ameliorating factor in sentencing, but it's not okay to ignore the law simply because your intention isn't primarily to subvert the voting process.

8/06/2007 7:56 AM  
Blogger PatHMV said...

Sean: Nothing wrong with that! I'll relish in her squirming, so long as it doesn't hurt my little privacy cause... ;-) Your legal point is quite correct; I'm advocating a change in the law.

8/06/2007 12:11 PM  

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